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People who are easy to borrow with consumer finance

In the examination of consumer finance, it is a major premise that “men and women over 20 years old with stable income” are the first major premise. When deciding the loan limit, age, occupation, annual income, etc. are also taken into consideration. In the examination, the credit bureau is first referred. For personal contract / repayment history, we will use the credit information agency to which the cashing loan company is a member. Whether you have a history of using caching or whether you have already repaid it is left behind. People who have used consumer finance for zero or only a few times and have no problem with their repayment attitude are likely to be trusted. Civil servants, office workers, and occupations with a low turnover rate are easy to pass the examination and can be borrowed easily. What is important is whether or not the income is high and whether or not it is stable, and in that sense, the high length of service is evaluated. Those who fail the examination are those who are judged to be incapable of repayment, such as unemployed people. Other people who are more likely to pass the examination are those who live in their own home with their family. This is because there are many cases in which such people do not give up their repayments and return them without running away. Consumer finance chooses the person to lend in such a screening, but it does not mean that you cannot borrow because it does not meet the conditions. There are loans for women and loans for students, and the screening criteria are diversifying, so it is a good idea to check consumer finance here and there.


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