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Problems with day laborers

Day laborers often have low wages and no bonuses, and even if the work content is the same as regular employees, in most cases they are hired at low wages, and the problem of such day laborers is now pointed out. It is being done. The future outlook for day laborers, who rarely raise salaries and, of course, often do not pay retirement allowances, is extremely unstable because of their short-term contracts. It can be said that the working environment of day laborers is poor, as regular employees do not take out various types of insurance, and even transportation expenses are not paid sufficiently. With a day laborer, it is a common form of employment that you do not conclude a term contract with a fixed company. It is more unstable than ordinary part-time workers because it is not always possible to get a job every day and there is no means of livelihood security. Another major issue is that day laborers are more susceptible to employment due to economic trends than regular employees. Insufficient income and potential are the most common situation for day laborers. Many people give up their marriage because of that, and many people are not mentally stable, such as being lonely. People who work part-time as a day laborer have a wide range of ages, and it seems that there are many students and men in their 30s and 40s. Since I often do unfamiliar work, there are many accidents during work that cause injuries. Employers pay low hourly wages and often do not pay social insurance. As a result, labor costs can be easily reduced and expenses as employees can be reduced, so it seems that the number of day laborers tends to increase steadily.


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