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Advantages and disadvantages of convenience stores

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working part-time at a convenience store? Then, the biggest merit is that the convenience store work itself has a complete manual. Therefore, even beginners can work with peace of mind. And you may not feel reluctant to work. Convenience stores are a familiar place in our lives. I’m curious about the customer service, but the customer base varies from children to the elderly. It may become a social study through the customer service of people of various generations. Since there are many shift systems for work, there are many shift systems, so you can organize your work at your own convenience. Since there are many recruitments for a relatively short time, it can be said that it is a perfect workplace for housewives who want to work within the range of their dependents. On the contrary, there are some difficult points. For example, it may take some time to learn because of the wide range of work. Convenience store jobs include various tasks such as product display, inspection, ordering, and store cleaning. It does not mean that you only have to do the cash register at the store. The hourly wage is not high for the amount of work, so unless you like the work of convenience stores, you may not be able to continue. In any case, people who like to interact with people and people who can work with people. For those who want to study the convenience store industry, I think it will be a meaningful part-time job. If you are interested, you can work part-time at your favorite convenience store.


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