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Activity of aroma therapist

Where do you call the people who work as aroma therapists? Aromatherapy shops are the main places where aroma therapists find employment, but this is a shop that specializes in aroma essential oils and aroma-related products. The essential oils, quality, and targets handled by each aroma shop will differ, so the knowledge required for aroma therapists will change. People who want room fragrances that can be incorporated into their daily lives, and those who want to improve their mind and body, visit the aromatherapy shop. Aroma therapists are responsible for introducing the right essential oils to them and giving them basic precautions and advice. Essential oil suppliers who are in a position to supply aroma products may require advanced knowledge from aroma therapists because their business partners are medical personnel and beauty salons. To work in an esthetic salon, you must also acquire aromatherapy massage and treatment techniques to perform the procedure. Among such salons, there are salons from esthetics and salons from treatment clinics. If you are an aroma therapist engaged in medical treatment such as a treatment center, you cannot perform the treatment by yourself as an aroma therapist, so if you do not have a medical qualification, you will work as an assistant. If you have a nursing license at the same time, you will be able to work in a wide range as an aroma therapist. You also have the option of opening your own salon or treatment center. The field of aromatherapy itself has just begun to expand in Japan, so the field of activity as aromatherapy will continue to expand.


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