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What is a loan screening blacklist?

Whenever you use a shopping loan, there is an examination, but there are people who do not have the loan examination at all. There is a so-called blacklist in the world of caching, but as long as it has a name on it, you can’t use a loan. Unlike the general image associated with words, a blacklist is not a black list with the names of dangerous people in a row. It is an information list of credit bureaus that records people who have been late for repayment of a loan for a certain period of time or who have not paid yet after a certain period of time after the repayment date. A 3-month or 12-month delinquency record is kept as information that sets it apart from normal repayment delays. In technical terms, this blacklist information is called movement information, accident information, delay information, etc., but these are commonly called black information, and this list is called a blacklist. As long as your name is on this blacklist, no matter how much you want to take out a shopping loan, it’s probably not possible. Delayed payment does not mean that you will be blacklisted immediately, but if payment is delayed for more than 3 months from the fixed repayment date, it will be left as delinquency information even if you finally pay off the cashing. I will. Once your name is on the blacklist, it will not disappear for five years, even if you make a proper repayment. And during this time, the examination for loans such as mortgages as well as shopping loans will not pass. Any loan will not be used unless it passes the examination, and as long as the accident information is listed in the credit information agency, the examination will not pass. It is very difficult to get a loan during this time. The impact of being blacklisted is so great that no loan can be used for future consumer life. Make sure to think carefully when shopping with a shopping loan so that you do not get accident information unexpectedly.


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