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Day laborer and internet cafe refugee

There seems to be a deep relationship between day laborers and Internet cafe refugees. Some people live in 24-hour internet cafes and manga cafes. It seems that there are many people who have left their parents’ homes or apartments where they lived until now due to rent delinquency or family circumstances. Internet cafe refugees are commonly referred to as Internet cafes, and in the morning they go to work part-time as a day laborer. Internet cafe refugees are willing to work, in contrast to street dwellers who are generally unwilling to work. As of 2007, the number of Internet cafe refugees estimated and announced is as high as 5,400. It seems that there are Internet cafe refugees in a wide range of age groups, from 50s to 30s, and surprisingly there are about 40% of women. Most of the employment forms are non-regular employment for Internet cafe refugees. In the work of day labor dispatch, it is unlikely that tens of thousands of yen such as rent and utilities will be collected as income on a regular basis. You don’t always have a job every day, and it’s a day laborer’s part-time job that the daily rent is used to maintain that day’s life. At internet cafes, night packs are cheaper to stay late at night, and you can use the shower inside the store to maintain a minimum standard of living. Internet cafe refugees cannot open an account. Because I don’t have an address. Since we cannot generate a large monthly salary, we inevitably live on that day, and as a result, there are too many social inconveniences.


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