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How to buy stock

I often see it in news such as stock prices, but what should I do if I actually buy it? I will explain in detail how to buy stocks. Recently, stocks can be bought at banks, convenience stores, and the Internet, which is now a hot topic. Securities companies are divided into “general securities” that can be traded both in stores and on the Internet and “net securities” that can trade stocks on the Internet. In either case, you first need to open an account with a securities company. Before you open an account, you also need to choose which securities company you want to be. Then, the purchase funds are handed over at the window of the securities company to purchase the shares. Net securities deposit money into your own bank account. When you make a deposit, it will be transferred to your online securities account. After that, you can access the homepage of the securities company, log in, and buy and sell stocks anytime, anywhere. The biggest advantage of online securities is that you can see the transaction price online in real time. The decision to buy or sell will be speedy. How to buy stock is up to each person. You have to decide the brand and the number of sheets you want to buy. When buying a stock, it is recommended that you collect various information about the stock, study it, and acquire knowledge before buying it. Learn how to buy and sell stocks and start with a reasonable amount.


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