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Bank-affiliated consumer finance limit

The usage limit is set according to the result of the examination, and you can borrow money within that range. There are screening standards set by the cashing company, and those who do not meet these standards will have a lower limit. Bank-affiliated cashiers are more likely to get large loans. Mobit affiliated with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and DC Cash One of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Group. I think that the maximum loan amount of about 3 million is the best. In addition to bank-based cashing, there are places where you can get a large amount of loans. For cashing, the limit decided at the very first examination will increase or decrease depending on the usage situation and repayment attitude. In order to maintain a comfortable borrowing situation, it is necessary to be careful not to reduce this limit. To get a card cashing company to raise the limit, you need to make a proper repayment and earn “credit”. Planned repayments increase credit, but delaying repayments can lead to loss of credit. Even if it is easy to borrow a large amount of money at first, if you keep it secret despite changing jobs or changing contacts, you will lose credibility. Making repayments without problems and not causing trouble with consumer finance companies is the key to making it easier to borrow money.


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