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FX for beginner asset management

It seems that the number of people starting FX is increasing. The mechanism of FX is very similar to margin trading of stocks. A certain amount of funds called margin is deposited with a trader to buy and sell foreign currencies. The average life expectancy of Japanese people is increasing year by year, but it seems that many people are worried about their future lives. I want to create assets for living an old age that meets a certain level so that I will not be in trouble when I finish work at retirement age. Fixed-term deposits cannot be used as an investment method due to a decrease in annual yield, and it can be expected that the investment method will not be sufficient. FX also demonstrates its power for long-term asset management. As long as you have risk control, you can make efficient profits with much less fees than investment trusts and time deposits. The system called swap point is one of the great attractions of Forex, and the difference in interest rates that occurs when trading currencies between two countries makes a little profit every day. Swap points continue to generate profits every day, even if the exchange rate changes and there is an unrealized loss. Swap points vary depending on the currency, but currently, if you hold 10,000 US dollars a day, it will be about 145 yen. Daily accumulation is a big profit. Swap points are not necessarily high, but it is attractive to be able to settle a large amount of money with FX as margin even with a small amount of funds. If you use it, you will be able to increase the amount of swap interest rate you can get per day. By utilizing swap points with the assets that have finally increased, it is possible to generate profits without being swayed even if the yen strengthens sharply. If you can hold foreign currency at the right time, you can create a state where you can continue to earn income without having to work hard every day to check the market price.


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