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Extra bite restraint time

It is an extra part-time job that does not have a fixed restraint time. Part-time job rewards are incurred for each job in the case of extras. Shooting can be time consuming and tied up for a long time, or it can end in a blink of an eye, and in both cases the part-time job fee is the same. One extra part-time job takes about 3 hours at the earliest, and may exceed 10 hours at the longest, but it is usually around 5 hours. However, the restraint time of the extra part-time job is the time when most of them are waiting. Actually, the time it takes to shoot is not that long. One way is to bring a book or game so that you can spend your free time. Occasionally it ends without an extra turn. Even if you wait a long time for an extra part-time job, you may not be called to shoot. For example, when you cannot shoot the planned scene due to weather problems, or when you change the schedule you intended to use extras and decide not to use it. Even if you do not participate in the shooting, you will be paid a part-time job if you are detained. Also, if you can’t see your face clearly on the screen, you can participate in the same work as an extra. It may be difficult to be called if the face is clearly reflected in the same work. It may be advantageous to have an extra part-time job without a turn, depending on how you think about it. However, the purpose is to be reflected in the work as much as possible, and people who have a secondary part-time job may feel a little disappointed.


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