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Repayment of card cashing

In recent years, cashing has become easier, and it seems that card cashing repayment tends to be difficult. Be aware of the fact that you have borrowed money. Even if it’s easily available, it’s not your own money. Refrain from spending more than your income and use cashing without optimism about the inflow and outflow of money. For card cashing repayment, you can set the repayment date when you borrow. The method of deciding differs depending on each company, and there are places where you can freely select from fixed dates and places where you specify. Basically, card cashing repayment is once a month. However, it is not absolutely fixed once a month, and you can repay it twice or three times. Card cashing repayments are possible on days other than the payment date. If you want to pay less, one way is to reduce interest by paying back as soon as possible. However, if you repay more than two weeks before the card cashing repayment date, you must also repay on the repayment date of that month. If the repayment date set for the month is 30 days, if you repay on the 1st to 15th, you must repay on the 30th. If you make the repayment on the 16th to 29th, the repayment on the 30th will not occur. Be careful not to rush and return too much and you will not be able to repay.


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