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About suspension of aging of debt

The statute of limitations for repayment when using a cashing loan is 5 years. If the lender exercises the judicial right or the borrower acknowledges the debt and agrees to repay it before the expiration of the statute of limitations, the statute of limitations of the debt will be reset and the statute of limitations will expire. The period will return to the beginning. You have to recount the period until the debt statute and wait for the new statute of limitations to expire. Reasons for suspending the statute of limitations of debt include claims from the consumer finance side, foreclosures, provisional dispositions, and approval of debts. Both are stipulated by the Civil Code. However, the request from the financial company is the time when the proceedings are filed, and the statute of limitations will not be interrupted only by a letter or telephone pointing out the delay in repayment. However, for the content certification flight, the extinction prescription of the debt will be suspended if the request is made in court within half a year after receiving the request. I often hear the word that if you don’t open the mail, you won’t receive it, but that’s a misconception. The extinction prescription may also be extinguished by the actions of the debtor. This is the case when you have paid a part of your debt or acknowledged the existence of your debt. Even after the statute of limitations, consumer finance knows that repayment reminders and requests come as a matter of course. In order to acknowledge the existence of debt, for example, you can sign a reduction proposal. By signing the reduction proposal, the debtor acknowledges the existence of the debt, so the validity period until the debt statute is recounted from the beginning.


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