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Disadvantages of working from home

Don’t pay attention to the disadvantages of working from home, and don’t just focus on the advantages of working from home. Some home-based work can certainly make a lot of money. However, if there are no results, it is possible that there will be zero income, which is a disadvantage of working from home. Think more about home work. People who work from home need to be able to control themselves, such as by strict adherence to delivery dates. Working from home also has the disadvantage of paying for it yourself. If you work for a company, you will have all the expenses such as personal computers, fax machines, business cards, telephones, and procurement of materials that you would have taken for granted. Home work is where the results are important. When you are asked to work, you must be able to deliver it by the deadline for home work. After all, it is necessary to allocate the pace to complete the request by the deadline. Even if you think you can work in your spare time, it’s actually quite difficult. If you miss the deadline, you have to sacrifice your lifestyle. In addition, the income of home-based work is unstable. There are times when there is a lot of work for a certain period of time, and there are times when there are very few periods. This is unavoidable because it is the convenience of the company that orders the work. This unstable part is a difficult aspect of home work. But I think it depends on my own way of thinking whether or not to take this as a disadvantage.


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