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Moving part-time job

What do you do when you move part-time? I have the impression that moving relationships are part-time jobs for people who are confident in their physical strength, but sometimes they also require careful and delicate work. The nice thing about this part-time job is that you can get a decent part-time job. Depending on the company, sometimes you may get a tip from the customer. Even if you don’t, you will earn a little less than 10,000 yen a day on average. As a part-time job of manual labor, the most important thing is physical strength and endurance. It is not uncommon for people to have severe muscle soreness here and there. The difficulty of moving is different no matter where you move to. If you move to a single-family house, you have to use narrow corridors and stairs to carry a lot of heavy luggage, but if you are moving to a condominium, you can use the elevator. When you use the stairs to bring in all the furniture, the labor is much different than when you put the same furniture on the first floor or when you can use the elevator. Looking for a part-time job for a moving company or applying directly can be more rewarding than looking for a job through a temporary agency. Since April is the peak of moving, part-time jobs will be busy from mid-March to mid-April. Therefore, I have a lot of work, but because I have a lot of work, I may have to move two places a day. Even if my body becomes painful, I am worried about whether to work to earn money or to preserve my physical strength.


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