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Self-bankruptcy procedure

In case of self-bankruptcy, how should the actual procedure be carried out? It takes about 4 months to 6 months until the exemption is decided. This is the period from the filing of personal bankruptcy. First of all, before starting the procedure, it is necessary to collect information such as the balance of debt, prepare a self-bankruptcy filing, and prepare the documents to be attached to the filing documents. Once you have the necessary documents, you can file a bankruptcy filing with the district court. It will be the court having jurisdiction over the address where the petitioner resides. I will appear in court after about a month. When you appear, the judge will ask you why you became insolvent. A few days after appearing, a bankruptcy decision will be made and the court will notify each debtor. Each creditor will be published in the official bulletin about two weeks later. From there, bankruptcy will be confirmed about two weeks later. The exemption examination and cross-examination will be conducted about one month later when you appear in court for the third time. The exemption decision will be made about one month or more after the court. The announcement will be made from the official bulletin about two weeks later. The exemption will be confirmed after about 2 weeks. This will cancel the debt.


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