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Before borrowing money in consumer finance

If you’re trying to borrow money, you’re probably the first person or acquaintance, otherwise you’ll most likely think about using consumer finance to raise money, but other than that. It may not be well known that there is a way to borrow money. If you use time deposits, you can borrow nearly 90% of your time deposit balance from a bank. Even with a postal mortgage loan, you can borrow money with 90% of your time deposit balance as a guide. The interest rate is the deposit interest rate plus about 0.5%. Interest rates are considerably lower than consumer finance, so if you have a time deposit, why not first consider how to borrow money from it? It’s also a little-known way to borrow money, but you can also borrow money from an insurance company. This is a policyholder loan system, and is limited to insurance with a refund at maturity. Recently, many people are insured like a pension, so it may be a way to borrow money that can be used unexpectedly. Interest rates vary from company to company, and the maximum amount is about 80% of the refund. This may also be a bit daunting with some resistance, but there is also a way to borrow money from the company in the form of a prepayment of salary. However, since this is a right stipulated by the Labor Standards Bureau, the company cannot unilaterally decline if there is an offer from an employee. If you can’t find another law, consulting with the company is a good way to borrow money.


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