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Precautions when repayment of card cashing

Due to a sudden accident or sudden need, monthly repayment may not be as expected. It can be said that the longer the period, the more likely it is to occur. Especially if you continue to repay for a long period of time, you may run out of money due to a sudden ceremonial occasion, and you may not be able to repay only that month. The first repayment method that comes to mind at such times may be to borrow money from another cashing company to make a card cashing repayment. However, if you use different cashing companies, you will earn interest for each individual principal, which makes the monthly repayment amount difficult. Once you make a card, it will be easier for you to borrow from now on, so loan usage may only increase. It may not work, but you may be able to adjust the repayment amount for the month by talking to the cashing company. It’s not a radical repayment, but you can pay only interest on the repayment date of the month to get past the rush. It is not a repayment of the borrowed money, but it is a legitimate method to have them wait until the next repayment date. If you leave your card cashing repayment in time, you will receive a reminder call. It will be called in the name of the person in charge, so it should not be immediately noticed at home or company. Prior contact is so important that you can’t pay, and you have to get in touch. Card cashing has a credit bureau for sharing information and keeping repayment records. If “delinquency” is registered as “accident information” here, it will be retained for 5 years. The registration condition is for those who have been late for repayment for 61 days or more or 3 months or more. If you have a “delinquency” record, your loan, credit card, or consumer credit screening may go wrong. The procedure itself should be easy when renting and returning, but for some reason it seems that the legs tend to be heavier when returning than when renting. In order to repay safely, it may be just right to have the desire to repay early.


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