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Malicious tricks of Sarakin dealers

When receiving a loan from consumer finance, many people would like to use it from a place where interest rates are low and it is easy to borrow. In a way that takes advantage of consumers’ wishes, malicious Sarakin dealers actively use themselves to make exorbitant profits. There are people called referral shops who use very plausible leaflets and direct mail to lure customers, saying, “I will lend at a low interest rate.” What is introduced at this time is a completely different company from the one that handles leaflets. The advertiser does not run a financial business, and is only taken to a Sarakin dealer who has nothing to do with the company. That’s why you get a commission. There is also a so-called organizer. We use decoy advertisements to invite multiple debtors with phrases such as “organize debt at low interest rates”. If you take the invitation, you will be enthusiastically encouraged to clear up multiple debts, have a bad lawyer stand with a Sarakin dealer, and ask the debtor to repay each month for less than before. At first glance it may seem easier, but in fact the money has not been paid to the creditors (sarakin dealers). Exorbitant fees are sometimes collected as a reorganization deposit, and the trick is that you just lose money and the repayment does not end. Even if you have no connection with cashing, you should have heard the term loan shark. It is a vicious Sarakin dealer who lends money without being registered by the Financial Services Agency, and lends money at a high interest rate that greatly exceeds the maximum interest rate of the Interest Rate Restriction Law and the Investment Law. There are a wide variety of techniques by malicious vendors. Even if a good story is written in a chirashiya or direct mail at first glance, be careful about the possibility that there is something wrong with it.


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