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School fees and the role of loans

Is there a need for an education loan? Ideally, you should save your education expenses little by little from the time the child is born. Whatever direction you go to, how much money should you prepare to get enough education? The most common answer to the questionnaire about how much you want to prepare for going on to school for one child was around 5 million yen. When preparing for the cost of graduating from university, I would like to have about half of the cost of entering university. The cost of education and college life varies greatly depending on which college you go to. The cheapest pattern is to go to a national university from home, which costs about 5 million yen. If you go to a private university from outside your home, it will cost you 10 million yen for 4 years. In other words, you have to save 2.5 million to 5 million yen, which is half of the cost for 4 years. This estimate costs one child, so if you have two or three children, you will need to prepare for each child. It is advisable to pay for school entrance fees and education costs for childhood and compulsory education from monthly income and bonuses rather than savings and school loan. If the money already saved at this point is used as educational expenses, the future will not continue. However, at the time of elementary, junior high and high school, you may choose a private school, or you may have no choice but to take out a loan because your monthly income is cut off due to a shortage. If you can’t afford to go on to school due to an unexpected event, or if you can’t save as much as you want, you may end up using a school loan.


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