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Business qualification of non-life insurance company

The first qualification required to get a clerical job at a non-life insurance company is the non-life insurance solicitor qualification. The most basic part of the qualification for a non-life insurance company. The higher the specialty, the higher the type of qualification. Even if you do not have this qualification, you can get office work at a non-life insurance company. It seems that many non-life insurance companies require qualifications for hiring conditions because they want immediate work force. Article 276 of the Insurance Business Law stipulates that qualifications are required to solicit non-life insurance. This means that after being hired by a non-life insurance company without having a qualification as an office work, you will definitely take a qualification test because it is the intention of the company. Previously, the General Insurance Association of Japan was involved in the qualifications for office work of the non-life insurance association, so the qualifications themselves were common to all companies. However, each company is currently conducting qualification tests. Qualifications other than non-life insurance solicitor qualifications are different for each company, so it is better to do it at each company. If you do an office qualification exam at a non-life insurance company, the exam itself is not that difficult. The exam is not difficult if you actually work as a non-life insurance company every day. You can pass it by reading the text sent by the insurance company. In the past, once you got the qualification, the non-life insurance solicitor qualification remained the same. The system has now been amended to a five-year renewal system, which requires you to take the renewal exam repeatedly every five years.


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