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How to apply for an extra part-time job

Extra part-time jobs are generally registered by registering with an extra dispatch company such as a specialized production company. The registration method and job details will differ slightly depending on each agency. The system calls the company the day before the desired date, inquires if there is a job that matches the profile, and asks them to introduce it. You will be introduced to your work according to your schedule. That doesn’t mean that you always have an extra part-time job that suits you. It seems that the demand for men in their late 20s to 30s is the highest among the extra part-time jobs. This is because there are few people who spot extra part-time jobs because they are in the busy category of their main business. Since the shooting schedule of the producer is often not decided until the last minute, it seems that the schedule of the extra part-time job is not decided until just before. Basically, the work of the extra part-time job is decided on a first-come, first-served basis. It seems that it is often difficult for people to get together during peak shooting schedules. Therefore, you may be suddenly asked to work part-time, such as “Will you come tomorrow?” Or “How about tonight?” Occasionally, dramas and movies may have extra part-time job information published in part-time job information magazines and official websites. There is also such an extra recruitment. If you like a particular drama or movie and want to do that extra, you may want to check the job listings directly.


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