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Beginners should try Virtual Forex

For those who are new to Forex, we recommend virtual trading, which is a fictitious transaction first. It is the beginning of FX that various words that you have never heard come out. The basic words “swap” and “leverage” for starting Forex appear in most glossaries, and somehow the nuances are understood as you read them. But slippage, stop loss, loss cut … Even if there is an explanation, what is it? I think there are many people who don’t come to the point. Moreover, this term may differ slightly depending on the vendor. Also, when starting Forex, even if you are not a beginner Forex investor, you must first go through the barrier and trader selection. In order to compare the characteristics of vendors, it is necessary to compare spreads, loss cut levels, and margins, but if you do not understand the terms, you will not understand. Maybe some people don’t understand the terminology and are confused at the first step. Virtual trading is to buy and sell fictitious money and know the atmosphere like real money. Perfect for beginners to get a feel for FX. It will be a rehearsal exercise to know the attitude to actually move money, and you can experience the mechanism. Registration is free, and if you can successfully increase your assets within the period, you can get a free gift. I think that there are many beginners who are highly motivated to FX and want to actively incorporate knowledge, but do not come up with a concrete image. By having a virtual experience in advance of what kind of operation and what kind of situation will occur in a real transaction, it will be easier to prepare and plan a strategy.


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