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Rapidly increasing day labor bytes

If you want a day laborer, you can register with a temporary staffing agency and get a basic explanation so that you can be introduced to a day laborer when you want to work. Check by phone or email if you have a day laborer’s job the day before, and if so, go to the meeting place on the day. Roll calls of personnel who go to the site are managed there. If the planned number of people does not gather at this meeting place, we may gather people by calling the registrants of other day laborers to match the number of people. The Worker Dispatching Act came into effect in 1986, and a major revision of the Dispatching Act in 1999 introduced deregulation that allows dispatching by unskilled labor and spot dispatching such as day laborers. That has created the problem of expanding the current day labor dispatch and day labor part-time jobs. Japan’s worker dispatching system is the lowest in the world in terms of worker protection. Recently, there have been calls to emulate the worker protection laws of other countries in order to improve it. It seems that few people are really satisfied with day labor in the background of the rapid increase. There must be many people who are reluctant to continue working part-time as a day laborer because they cannot change jobs smoothly and cannot become full-time employees because they intend to connect. Some young people may have left their parents for some reason, or some may have been evacuated from their apartment without paying rent due to repeated and unstable employment. In this way, many people are forced to work part-time as day laborers and work in difficult situations.


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