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Shopping loan review

Although it is a shopping loan that makes it easy to apply and process, it cannot be used unless it passes the examination. This is essential as long as you deal with money. What are the criteria for passing the examination? As a general premise, you must be an adult with regular income. In addition to this, the number of borrowings from other companies is also checked. This is information such as whether other financial institutions are using caching and how much they are using in total. Those who already have a loan equal to half their annual income will have difficulty passing the examination. The presence or absence of overdue history is also subject to examination. Is there any problem with the repayment attitude of the money borrowed by the financial company so far, or is there any overdue? If you are late for payment many times, you are at a disadvantage. In particular, if the delinquency period exceeds a certain period, the name and record of the delinquent person will be left as accident information in the credit bureau. Since it is important to have regular income in the screening criteria, it is quite difficult for non-regular part-timers and unemployed people to pass the screening of high-priced shopping loans. If you make a mistake in your phone number or address, you will have applied for a loan with a fictitious address or phone number, and it will be difficult to pass the examination due to credit problems. If you apply from the Internet, you tend to send it with the wrong content written in it, so check carefully. You can use a shopping loan if you clear various screening conditions and pass the screening. Please note that if you do not pass the examination, you will not be able to use the company’s shopping loan.


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