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Employment of customs officer

There are various occupations in the world, but have you ever heard of the occupation of customs broker? What should I do to become a customs broker? And how do you get a job as a customs broker? First, let’s learn about the customs officer itself. A customs officer is a national qualification related to the export and import of goods. Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, it is an important task that supports international logistics between the world and Japan. Every day, many goods are imported and exported from the world to Japan and from Japan to the world without our knowledge. The customs officer reports to the customs office about “who”, “where”, “what”, and “how much” the sea cargo carried by sea and the air cargo carried by airplane are imported and exported, and obtain permission. It is a job to do “customs clearance”. In addition, customs officers must examine whether import and export declarations are being made properly and block the distribution of drugs, pistols, etc. In addition, consumption taxes and customs duties must be collected properly and accurately. A qualified customs officer is required to review and seal customs documents. Only a customs officer can declare the import / export of cargo. That is why it is the job of a customs officer to need knowledge of various goods. It is also a job that requires the ability to sort products and quick response.


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