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What is a swap interest rate?

FX, which is a hot topic these days, is an abbreviation for foreign exchange margin trading, and is an investment in which a certain amount is deposited with a trader to trade foreign currency, similar to margin trading of stocks. You buy and sell currencies between two countries, and you make a profit based on the change in the exchange rate and the interest rate difference called the swap interest rate. The feature is that the transaction fee is very low and you can trade at any time. Also, if you pay the currency of a country with a low interest rate and buy the currency of a country with a high interest rate, there will be a slight difference in interest rates. This is a profit as a swap point. When you sell Japanese yen and buy foreign currency, the interest rate in Japan is low, so now it is a positive swap point, and it will be a little profit. However, if you make a reverse sell transaction, the swap will be deducted. Since the US dollar is a currency with a higher interest rate than the Japanese yen, there will be a positive swap point when you buy the US dollar in Japanese yen. Swap points are calculated daily, so you will make a small profit every day. The US dollar swap point is currently about 153 yen. It is the price when you have 10,000 US dollars a day. Swap points are added every day just by holding the foreign currency you bought, and your money will increase. Swap points themselves are free from foreign exchange fluctuation risk, so unless interest rates change significantly, you can expect steady profits. Even people who cannot read the movement of the market will be able to manage funds with an annual interest rate of about 20% by making good use of the swap interest rate. It is a low-risk, high-return operation method.


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