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Mechanism of transaction fees for online stocks

If there is a transaction fee, it is inseparable from stock trading. Fees are charged for each transaction, so it cannot be overlooked by those who trade many times in day trading. If you inadvertently forget about the existence of commissions and repeat transactions, the margin that you should be able to get from online stocks will become smaller and smaller. It’s possible that you thought you were going to get a positive deal because you didn’t know the transaction fees accurately, but you were actually losing money. At the age of stock trading, you need to know exactly what the transaction fees of a securities company are and under what conditions the fees will increase or decrease. The fee structure is fixed for each securities company that handles the transaction. In the one-day flat rate system, where the commission is set for each total contract unit per day, the entrustment commission is a fixed amount no matter how many transactions are made on that day. The one-day flat rate system is a great system for those who want to make detailed profits and buy and sell many times. The contract unit system is a system that charges a commission every time you trade online stocks, so it is suitable for people who hold stocks for a medium to long term or who do not trade stocks very often because the frequency of stock trading is low. I will. Even if you say the contracted amount system in one bite, it is not all the same, and there are places where the fee is flat, and there are places where the fee is gradually different depending on the transaction volume as the contracted amount fee of the stairs system. The fee is not what you want. Which one is better depends on the form of the transaction. In addition to this fee structure, there are cases where a one-way fee is sufficient for transactions that have been settled in one day, and there are cases where the fee is free until the transaction amount reaches a certain level.


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