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Part-time job at a convenience store

Convenience stores are an indispensable presence for us today. There are many people who work 24 hours a day. Most of the employees seem to be part-time workers or part-time workers, but what exactly is the actual work content? After all, customer service is the most important business at convenience stores. You have to serve customers cheerfully and learn how to operate the cash register. There are various types of customer service, from bagging items to warming lunch boxes. Since we handle money, accuracy is required. After the products are sold, there is also the work of “putting out the products” by arranging the sold products on the shelves. One of the characteristics of convenience stores is that there are various types of products, so you must always make sure that they are not out of stock. Also, when it comes to sales floor management, we always keep magazines, sweets, bread, lunch boxes, etc. lined up neatly. It is an important job as well as product launch. Also, there is always an expiration date for bento boxes, so you must check the expiration date and “disposal” old ones. This is a job that must be done along with temperature control at the lunch box. Clean shops are popular, so cleaning trash cans, parking lots, windowpanes, and toilets inside and outside the shop is also an important task. When you get used to work, think about how much you want to purchase using the terminal of the store and place an order. This is called “ordering work” and is an important task. In addition, you have to do various things depending on the store and season, such as reception of Takkyubin, reservation of gifts, reception of printing New Year’s cards, etc. It can be said that it is this convenience store’s part-time job that requires more memorization of more types of work than any other part-time job.


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